week 3 poetry

My Cat

My cat likes to run and play

She likes to try and hunt

She goes outside during the day

She tries to do a stunt

She likes to play with a ball

And likes to run and chase

I have even seen her climb a wall

She even sleeps on a base

She really thinks she can talk

And tries to play with our other cat

I have tried to take her on a walk

The other cat will not have that

I really do love my cat

I even made her wear my hat


Dillon Springer



Baseball is my favorite game

All players dream about the hall of fame

The umpire calls this strikes and balls

I do my best to hit as far as the wall

I usually play second base

I have really taken a ball right of my face

Each at bat is battle

And sometimes you might get a little rattled

Sometime you might get hit in the arm

But it really does not to that much harm

Sometime we may have a little fear

But we really want to make the crowd cheer

I still think it is very fun

Playing baseball under the sun



Dillon Springer





poetry #2



I wait all year for summertime to get here,

it is my most favorite time of the year,

I mostly enjoy all the sunny days,

I like the feel of the sunshine rays,

we always make time to go golfing,

but my family likes a sport called frolfing,

I like to spend a lot of time outdoors,

and not inside doing chores,

Summertime is always the best,

It is my most favorite season over all the rest.


Dillon Springer


poetry #1



The final frontier

These are the voyages of time

Through gravity and atmosphere

Though relative and set in our eyes it is

There’s only the now right here

But if we were to travel somewhere else

We might come back behind a year

Gravity is strong or gravity is weak

That depends on the mass of the mass

Gravity is a theory, oh really?

Stop being a pain in the…

Time travel, I know a lot about

So please don’t make me wanna shout

To go faster than light

Is to return the last night

Depending on your route

Oh really?

Oh yeah!

Well there’s something I gotta say too

What’s that?

Gravity is relative for beings and matter

Don’t you know that to be true?

For travel through time is tricky

Just think of our friend Ricky

Through string theory he flies

But is this based off of lies?

For through gravity they’d pass by too quickie.

week ten: evaluate my own blog

I don’t think my blog is a very good blog I was always posting blogs late and was never up to date and my posts weren’t the best I could have done I mean I don’t even like my blog, blogging definitely isn’t my thing like I like video games but dislike writing. now its time to rate Edublogs honestly I don’t like it so from 1 to 10 I give it a 2 but that’s because I strongly dislike writing and blogging but for other people it might be higher cause they like blogging so they might give it a 9 this is my last posts except having to put poetry on this blog so goodnight America!!!!!

week 6 food and culture

So where I live most of our popular food comes from other countries for example pizza is very popular but comes from Italy we also love burritos and nachos  another thing we like is (from our country) burgers, hot dogs and mac and cheese. some of the popular clothes are Nike’s, Jordan’s, vans’ and Adidas. and some song types we listen to are jazz, rap, Dub-step, hip-hop, and rock and roll.

Week 8 game time

So the first blog I visited is the Nicholas online blog for funny pictures he asked for us to say which picture was the funniest and I said the “use the force bro” blog post it looked like one giant monkey but it was two monkeys you have to check it out I’ll leave the link below, my second post is on anthonys top 5 games it was very similar to what I would have picked so I noticed he’s kind of Like me and I cant see what comes next. The third blog I went to was  a fascinating blog by Jordan about pygmy goats and I learned a ton like how do they weigh so little. and that’s it for this post so see ya!!!!!











Week 9 family post

What makes a family great.  Well I think what makes my family great is that we always have fun. We find a way to do something stupid but it always brings us closer together and when are close together is when we have are greatest times. I think that just spending time together is the best. I really enjoy  our time together.

week 7 – work then play

Let’s say the electricity grid went out in our country how would you entertain your family?  how I would entertain my family is first we’d probably play a game of sorry or yahtzee then we would play an active game like tag or hide and go seek  then I’d try to get them to play monopoly since my dad hates the time consumption. After that we would probably play basketball.

The next day we would most likely go frisbee golfing and mini golfing when we got home we would play another board game like the game of life which my dad loves. then we would sit on the couch and take a break for a while and then we would go over to our neighbors for a while and most likely the power grid will be on the next morning and we will definitely eat steak.

Week 3 – Earth Hour

I approached my family and discussed Earth Hour.  They were really surprised to hear that we were going to turn off all power and lights for 1 hour.  We did turn off the lights and did not use our phones or any other electronics for one hour.  We mostly talked and played board games to our candle lit table.  The hour actually went really fast.

A place that I would like to protect is the Winchester Bay beaches and ocean.  My parents are both from that area, so we go there to visit our family.  We almost always visit the beach and ocean when we are there.  We have been going there for as long as I can remember and it is a very cool place.

By the time I am 50 I would like to see much less pollution.  To do my part to help I will look to pick up trash when I see it, and also tell others to clean up there mess and not pollute.  Also I will do better and remembering to recycle and not just throw in the garbage.